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Home Birth

Why people choose to birth at home:

  • your preferences are prioritized

  • care is tailored to your specific needs

  • you never have to drive to another location mid-birth

  • you choose who is at your birth, and in what capacity

  • being in your own space lowers the risk of infection

  • you eat, drink, shower and bathe at your leisure- you get to just do your thing!

  • there are no unnecessary interventions

  • there is a low risk of cesarian birth

  • you birth in whatever position, in whatever location feels best for you

  • your baby remains with you. Always.

  • Post partum care is gentle, thorough, and frequent for both baby and parent

...and so much more!​


What you’ll receive as a homebirth client:


  • An initial consultation to see if we are a good fit

  • Comprehensive, respectful and evidence based midwifery care  

  • Whole-person support at each stage, with nutrition counseling, herbs, and homeopathy 


Prenatal Care:

  • In-depth visits that are holistically supportive  
  • Assessment of vital signs and monitoring of baby’s growth
  • Preparation for the arrival of your baby with time to address any concerns, and prenatal education tailored to your needs. 


Prenatal Schedule:

  • every month until 28 weeks
  • every 2 weeks until 36 weeks

  • every week until the birth. 

 During the Birth: 

  • 24/7 on call care from 37 until 42 weeks

  • Close contact in early labor

  • Watchful presence throughout active labor, birth and the immediate post partum period

  • A second midwife to assist

Post Partum:

  • Attentive and respectful care during the immediate post partum period 

  • Gentle and complete newborn examinations

  • Emergency skills if necessary

  • Lactation support

  • Newborn care recommendations 

  • Documentation to register your baby

  • 6 weeks of continuous post partum support, with at least 3 home visits in the first week after birth. 

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Please write to me with questions.

I would love to meet you!

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